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Page updated - 26th October 2015

Forthcoming Sunday rides

See the websites for Leeds Cycling Campaign for local rides in Leeds, or Calderdale CTC for the nearest CTC member group's rides.

There is currently no member group in the Leeds area, and this website is now in a 'holding' mode pending further developments in West Yorkshire.

The Annual General Meeting of CTC West Yorkshire will be held at 13:30 on Sunday, November 1st 2015, at The Oddfellows Rooms, 3 Coleridge Street, Halifax HX1 2JF. On the agenda for the meeting will be a proposal to ask the committee to consider the best future structure for West Yorkshire CTC. This is a change from the previously announced 'winding up' proposal. Exchanges with HQ have revealed that they have a different view of the relationship between West Yorkshire CTC and Calderdale CTC than we had originally set up. The committee will now seek to regularise relationships between the two groups, and to consider how we can continue to run a West Yorkshire-wide rides programme (the main activity of West Yorkshire CTC) while keeping administration to a minimum. A formal notice of any changes or winding up of the group will then need to appear in 'Cycle' magazine, announcing a special general meeting to (if approved) give them effect - and subject to approval from Council, of course....

You can download a copy of the papers for the AGM here, and all members are of course entitled, and very welcome, to attend.

This step is being taken to reduce the administration costs and efforts of running two organisations, when only one is effectively active. CTC Calderdale was formally consituited as a group within CTC West Yorkshire when Huddersfield and District CTC were formed from the old West Yorkshire DA. West Yorkshire was retained to provide a 'home' for any informal CTC groups which may have wished to form within the West Yorkshire area, but no group has emerged in recent years. In practice we have run West Yorkshire affairs within Calderdale for a number of years, and with one or two exceptions officers and committee of West Yorkshire have all been from Calderdale. We would expect any changes to result in little practical change, with the programme of rides under the West Yorkshire banner continuing, though possibly differently 'branded'.

If you want to learn more, and/or to express an opinion, please join us for the AGM - you'll be most welcome.


West Yorkshire CTC is a member group of CTC, the national cycling charity. Through individual member groups and other organisers in the area, we run a programme of events from spring to autumn, from social events to some of the most challenging Audax events in the country.

Within West Yorkshire, Calderdale CTC provides a full programme of rides and social events for members in that area, centred on Halifax.

In Leeds, the Leeds Cycling Campaign - an affiliated club of CTC - not only campaigns to make Leeds a better place to cycle, but also organises rides at a variety of levels, from short rides on a Saturday morning for beginners or those returning to cycling, through an intermediate group providing day rides of 30-40 miles, to a group making longer excursions, occasionally in the summer quite challenging rides. If you're in or near Leeds, and looking for a more social aspect to your cycling, we recommend joining LCC. Not only will your modest fee put you in touch with people, rides and activities locally, but help to campaign on behalf of cyclists in the city for better cycling facilities.

You can find details of the rides programmes, and the organisations which provide them, by following the links on this website.